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This this website is dedicated to the story of Reverend Toplady and how he came to write the hymn "Rock of Ages". As he was inspired by God and sheltered by the Rock, so can you through your faith in the Lord.

What is the reason the hymn "Rock of Ages" has survived for centuries as the most popular church hymn? Could it be some sort of divine intervention when the Reverend Toplady was sheltering the storm in the cleft and had the inspiration to write the words on a playing card he found at his feet? What happened during that storm and why that particular rock cleft? Is there something there in that valley of ancient rock as old as the oldest rock found on the entire planet?

Every person on this planet needs some shelter from time to time, maybe that is one reason we hang on to symbols of strength and even use the word “rock” to describe our source of shelter. In the Bible the Lord is referred to as The Rock many times.

Do you need shelter from the storms of the world?

The Rock is your shelter.



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