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Rock of Ages cleft for me, Let me hide myself in Thee
Rock of Ages cleft for me, let me hide myself in thee
To DOWLOAD a desktop image, first click on the image of your choice to open the full resolution version (Note: use your browsers "BACK" button to return to this page). To use this image, right click on the opened image for any of these options.

1) Save to your computer.

2) Send the image as an email.

3) Set as desktop (also known as wallpaper or background)

4) Print the image out.

Windows XP has a nifty feature I like to use where you can also save these or any images in a directory and create a screensaver using the “My Pictures Slideshow” option on the screensaver.


More detailed help if needed: (Adapted from a website)

What is a desktop image?

A "Desktop Image" is the picture that serves as the background for your computer screen. It's the one that is there when you first start your computer and nothing else is running, and is always "behind" all of your work. Sometimes it is called "wallpaper," which I guess makes some sense since walls are up and down (like a PC monitor) and desks are horizontal. Just download some of these nice images and Scripture verses to enjoy on your computer screen.

How do I download one?

Easy. Just left-click on the image. The image will appear in a new window where you can see it closer to "full size." Right click anywhere on this image and a context menu will pop up. About six items down on that menu you will see "Save picture as ...". Select that and then a dialogue will pop up asking where to save it, probably in "My Pictures." Click OK, and remember where you "put it" (i.e., under "My Pictures" or wherever). Now the desktop image is saved on your PC!

How do make it so this is my desktop image?

Now go to your "Desktop." (Either minimize all your running programs, or exit them). When you have your screen in front of you, right click anywhere on the present background. You will get another context menu, and the bottom item on the list is "Properties." Select that one. Now you have a window that says "Display Properties" with 5 tabs across the top. First, select the one that says "Settings." OK, now click on the tab that says "Desktop." Hit the button that says "Browse" and go to wherever it was you put the image (probably "My Pictures"). Go to the desktop image you want select it, then hit "OK" to close the "Display Properties" window, and you should see your new desktop image (also called "Wallpaper") nice and pretty on your screen. You can change this any time. You can also set it so that it fills the screen (stretch) is centered or tiles. I generally prefer center but that’s a matter of taste.


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