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Biography, Thoughts and Teachings of Augustus Montague Toplady
Augustus Montague Toplady

"I should think no account of English religion in the last century complete, which did not supply some information about this remarkable man. In some respects, I am bold to say, not one of his contempooraries surpassed him, and hardly any equalled him. He was a man of rare grace and gifts, and one who left his mark very deeply on his own generation. For soundness in the faith, singleness of eye, and devotedness of life, he deserves to be ranked with Whitefield, or Grimshaw, or Romaine. Yet with all this, he was a man in whom there was a most extraordinary mixture of grace and infirmity. Hundreds, unhappily, know much of his infirmities who know little of his graces. I shall endeavour in the following pages to supply a few materials for forming a just estimate of his character."

From: Christian Leaders of the 18th Century
Toplady and His Ministry
By Bishop J. C. Ryle
Lord, save us, we perish
1. Pilot of the soul, awake,
Save us for thy mercies' sake;
Now rebuke the angry deep,
Save, O save thy sinking ship!

2. Stand at the helm, our vessel steer,

Mighty on our side appear
Saviour, teach us to descry
Where the rocks and quicksands lie.
3. The waves shall impotently roll,
If thou 'rt the anchor of the soul
At thy word the wind shall cease,
Storms be hush'd to perfect peace.
4. Be thou our haven of retreat
A rock to fix our wav'ring feet,
Teach us to own thy sovereign sway,
Whom the winds and seas obey.
From: Poems on Sacred Subjects
by A.M. Toplady
(written between the ages of fifteen and eighteen)
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